Stock Trading Secrets Masterclass 2-HOUR TRAINING
Learn The Safe, Simple & Easy Method To Generate Upto 10x Profit With Stock Trading
Without Any Financial Background, Large Capital, or Time Restrictions


Leading Stock Trading Coach with 26 years of experience

             21st Dec '23

             09:00 PM

    09:00 PM                

Learn how to use proven and Time-Tested Trading Strategies that are guaranteed to bring you profits…
Even if you haven’t taken a single trade before 

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Simple trading strategies for regular income generation as well as wealth creation.

Strong Foundation

  • Discover what it takes to build a strong foundation for Trading
  • Understand and break the limiting beliefs and myths that hold you back from succeeding at trading 
  • Create new mental frameworks to overcome fear and doubt, become more confident, and develop a greater capacity to succeed as a trader

Fail Proof Strategy 

  • Learn simple yet effective strategies that successful traders use to create their wealth. 
  • Understand technical indicators that are used to create simple trading systems. 
  • ​Life-long strategies to create unlimited opportunities for wealth creation so you can live the life of your dreams.

Easy Implementation 

  • Learn the strategies & systems with chart examples and understand how the frameworks are applied in the practical setting. 
  • Learn the simplest Risk Management formula along with pyramiding techniques used by successful traders.
  • Understand how the world’s most successful Traders manage their day, get more done, organise trades, evaluate opportunities, deal with setbacks, and stay focused on what matters.

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Training Event For?

  • If you are new to trading
  • If you have difficulty understanding when to buy or sell a stock
  • If you want to build a side income source 
  • If you have Faced Multiple Losses before 
  • If you fail to identify the right trading stock
  • If you want to leave your 9-5 job and become a full-time trader 

Everybody from all walks of life who are ready to break their old limited belief and take the action toward the wealth creation through trading

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About The Trainer


India's leading Stock Trainer and Trading Coach
with 26 years of experience 


India's leading high-performance coach and 
abundance facilitator

Discover what it takes to build a strong foundation before you get started on the most fulfilling journey of your life. Understand and break the limiting beliefs and myths that hold you back from succeeding at trading and investing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I join the workshop?

    You can join from your desktop or your mobile phone using a dedicated link shared on your email, once you register for the workshop.
  • Will I get the recording of the workshop?

    No, we expect you to be there and experience the learning in real-time.
  • Will you be starting with basics or do we need to have some knowledge about trading?

    We will be starting right from zero level & advanced level right up to implementation level so that it becomes easy for you. 
  • Will it be in English or Hindi or both?

    It will be a mix of Hindi plus English language so that everybody can take advantage of the same.
  • Will I get reminders before the workshop begins?

    Yes, you will be reminded 1 hour before the workshop via email & SMS.
  • Can I ask questions during the workshop?

    Yes! We will have a dedicated FAQ Session to clear anyone's doubts.
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