Case Studies

  Dineshkumar a 7 Figure Trader,one of the most disciplined and consistent trader from Malkansview who quit his high paying job to become a Full-time trader and is earning 5 times his salary by following a systematic approach.

Vaishali Saraiya - A Homemaker to full time trader who contributed to her family during tough times.

Inspiring story of the youngest trader Aakash Parikh from Malkansview who quit his studies to become a 8 figure trader and is handling a huge portfolio now.

Amit Sanyal - a 7 Figure Trader who made the best use of his retirement by becoming a Pro-Trader and is earning much more than what he was earning when he was employed.

Swaminathan ganeshan - One of the most consistent Options Traders who never fails to miss the smallest trend and has doubled his capital in a short span of time by following simple risk management principles.

A jeweller who can trade any markets in the world with the help of data and technical analysis. A consistent 8 figure trader who follows systems and technicals under any circumstances that helps him to be on the right side of markets.

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